Oil Filtration

Deck Packs

Building on the success of the SDU H350-UW-SS subsea filter, we have developed a range of filtration equipment to be used on deck. Our deck pack range includes offline filtration systems (using the same filter elements as the SDU-H350-UW-SS) through to mechanical filtration (coalescing filters) for removing large volumes of free water contamination.

*For more info on cleanliness classes see our guide to contamination; “How clean is clean?”

Our range includes the following options:

  • Particle counters
  • Moisture sensors
  • ATEX rated units
  • 50 or 60 Hz electronics
  • Air operated motors
  • Skid mounted systems
  • Small portable units
  • Cleaning tanks – drain ROV hydraulics into a cleaning tank, refill from filtered /renewed oil and process the oil whilst the ROV is back in the water


  • Removes water and particle contamination maintaining oil in “cleaner than new” condition
  • Oil filtered whilst the system runs – clean the entire system, not just the oil in the reservoir
  • Improved machine reliability and availability
  • Reduced carbon footprint = lower operating costs:
    - Extended oil life = reduced oil  
      purchases, downtime & servicing 
    - Reduced waste oil  = reduced waste
      handling costs
    - Reduced component wear =
      increased machine reliability &
      availability and reduced maintenance 

Our other range of Deck Packs include:



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/products1/IS250P-AIR /products1/IS250-S
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Stainless steel cleaning tank with sight glass 
and ports for CARDEV filtration system


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