Environment & Technology

Paperless Office?

It is a running joke that James (our MD) once proclaimed that we would become a paperless office. So what does our paperless office actually look like today? Err.... there's still quite a bit of paper around unsurprisingly.

Our focus has now shifted to becoming a less-paper office. Some examples of how this is achieved:

  • Faxes sent and received paperlessly by computer
  • "Please consider the environment before printing this email" footers on all emails we send
  • Invoices sent only by email unless specifically requested by the customer
  • Opting out of hard copy bank statements, supplier invoices etc wherever possible
  • Making pdfs of all product documentation available to reduce the amount of printed sales information sent out.
  • Making and receiving payments electronically wherever possible

All of these initiatives help in reducing our environmental impact  but, as we are keen to point out ot our customers, saving the environment can also deliver real cost savings to your business. Our less-paper office costs us less in postage, paper, envelopes, toners and inks etc.